The Directorate of Human Resources at FT Bragg NC presented the Kizano Team with the COLD AS “ICE” AWARD in recognition of the team’s outstanding achievement in customer service. The award is based on a record number of positive Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) comment cards. The citation, presented by Mr. A. Mark Jordan II, Chief, Military Personnel Division, reads: In recognition for providing outstanding section customer service as witnessed through numerous positive ICE comments received during the 3 rd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2016.

The entire team received the Team Award, and Ms Jennifer Walsh received an individual award for the most customer comment cards, and Ms Hope Massengale and Mr Perry Saunders both received recognition as runners up for the most comment cards. Ms. Noelle Frizzell is the Kizano Team Leader and Ms. Janice Tallman is the Deputy Team Leader.



Mr. Jordan, Chief, Military Personnel Division, presenting the award to Ms. Jennifer Walsh.